NCTM 2013 Schedule

This morning I packed up my hot-off-the-press business cards and jumped on a plane to Denver for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Conference (NCTM 2013). All the cool kids are doing it (namely my biggest mathteacherturnedblogger crush Dan Meyer) so I’m gonna jump on that train and share which sessions I’m most looking forward to.


4:00 New Members Orientation

5:30 The Power of Just One Teacher


8:00 Modeling: Investigating a Unique Design of the Common Core STandards    Carrots Before Horses, a.k.a. Experience before Formalization

9:45 Access Proof through Geometric Models

11:00 Using Problem-Based Learning Tasks to Foster Reasoning and Proof

12:30 Meeting the Challenges of the Common Core Standards

2:00 Enhancing Mathematics Curricula and Instruction to Facilitate Students’ Participation

2:45 New-Teacher Workshop and Celebration


8:00 Motivating Students by Sparking Curiosity about the “Whys” in Mathematics

9:30 Essential Mindsets for Tilling the Soil for Common Core

11:00 Keeping our Eyes on the Prize  Math with a Conscience?

12:30 The Five “Secrets” to Effective Instruction  Transformational Geometry and the Core Math Tools

2:00 Implementing the Common Core State Standards: Five Paradigm Shifts

3:30 Transforming Your Teaching to Enhance Students’ Mathematical Reasoning Capabilities

4:45 New-Teacher Celebration


8:00 How do I Know What They Know? Assessing Students’ Understanding

9:30 Promoting Gender Awareness (and Reasoning) in the Mathematics Classroom

11:00 Tools and Technology for Modern Math Teaching

12:30 Viral Math Videos: A Hart-to-Hart Conversation


Learning is having new questions to ask (thanks, Chris Danielson).

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