In dance, we often have to stop and find our center. I need to do that with teaching as well. I’m in my third year and it is feeling scarily like my first year all over again- noone wants that.

Where I’ve lost focus:
Creating quality lessons that highlight problem solving

How I’ll get it back:
Make a point to check on blogs DAILY- other teachers around the country/world inspire me. I need inspiration to feed my growth! MTBoS is like Miracle-Gro for math teachers.
WRITE MY OWN BLOG. As Dan pointed out, it’s been a long long while since anything came out of here. Force accountability by having someone check my blog every day!
Get friends in industry to give highlights for qualities/traits that they have found most useful in their jobs. Shoot a quick video and show to students- rewrite goals for math class. What is most important?

Where I might struggle:
Too much negative re: chatting/classroom management –> As lesson quality increases, student engagement increases, student redirection decreases.
Too much to do –> Focus on priorities, keep running list. Lesson planning/blogging comes first!!

Ok, I think that is good for now. Any comments/suggestions/encouragement/feedback/accountability is more than welcome!


One comment

  1. Regarding that comment-section tagline, You’re welcome.

    Regarding the rest here…so glad the community has supported you and has gotten inside your head. Keep on DIY’ing!

Learning is having new questions to ask (thanks, Chris Danielson).

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