Small Groups

Was able to do small groups with proofs today. I let them self-select into my facilitated group while the rest of the class tried on their own and checked against answer key posted online.


Identified where individual students had trouble

Automatic buy-in because of the self-select

Students who were working independently were excited to try the proofs on their own

Let students get to really talk about ideas- especially one student who hardly participates suddenly jumping in all the time

Not awesome

I know there are some students who should have been in my group who weren’t. This is totally on me because I should have snagged them anyways, but just didn’t have the energy to fight that battle today.

Only got through 1 proof

Still have a nagging feeling I was doing too much talking. Maybe they weren’t quite ready? Fine line where productive struggle separates “blindly following teacher’s method” and “floundering in the dark”

On a related, but separate note, I just came across this article/research paper by Jo Boaler regarding her research on math education. This is a must read!!


Learning is having new questions to ask (thanks, Chris Danielson).

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